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banhang07.webchuan.com, World manufacturer of multi-layered eyelashes & 3D silk band eyelashes

GREENFOR has been known as a leading false eyelash manufacturer in VIETNAM for years. It's factory is located in northern of Vietnam nearby Hanoi City, with a capacity of more than 500,000 pairs of eyelash monthly. At GREENFOR, customers will find highest quality of false eyelashes and up to date fashion trend. There have hundreds styles of eyelashes are available, from 3D multi layered lashes, Silk band eyelashes, 3D faux mink eyelash, Double tapered Tips lashes, Super soft band lash, Tapered tips lashes, Natural eyelash, Tip Mellow eyelash, Invisible band eyelash, and all range of eyelash extensions. Especially, Our eyelashes are 100% handmade !

Our eyelashes are 100% Handmade

Our eyelashes are made of from high quality synthetic fiber and are 100% handmade to exact specifications. Our 3D silk band eyelashes are the combination of 3D effect and silk band material. As calling, eyelashes look more fabulous and natural than any faux mink thanks to they are made double up and handcrafted at every single lash.
SMOKY Eyelash is a new definition that named by GREENFOR to describe the beauty of its eyelashes. The Nano fiber is known as the latest fiber technology, lighter, softer as mink fur. Our core goal is all about to provide the most comfort and safety eyelashes to the wearers but not only the charming.
Our best selling false eyelashes are : 3D Silk Band eyelashes, Silk band eyelashes and regular eyelashes. A Pleasure Doing Business With!
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